Sunday , May 16 2021

Toyota president criticizes Elon Musk over Tesla’s dubious production capabilities – News

The president of Toyota fired at Elon Musk and Tesla after losing the throne of the most valuable car manufacturer from the company for electric vehicles.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda, 64, made unusual direct comments about his competitor at an online earnings briefing on Friday, where he said Tesla had a “recipe” but his company had a “real kitchen and a real chef,” according to Bloomberg.

Mr. Toyoda, the grandson of Kiichiro Toyoda founder, said his company’s diverse and in-depth vehicle offerings would help the company in the future by offering something for everyone, and while Tesla is now considered more valuable, Toyota makes and sells a lot more vehicles.

“We lose when it comes to stock prices, but when it comes to products, we have a full menu for customers to choose from,” Toyoda said.

“Tesla says their recipe will be standard in the future, but what Toyota has is a real kitchen and a real chef.

“They really do not do something that is real, people just buy the recipe. “We have a kitchen and a cook and we make real food,” he added.

Tesla sold about 367,000 vehicles last year. Toyota sold more than 10 million.

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk said his company should sell several million cars each year until 2025.

Toyota reportedly hopes to sell about half a million EVs that year, but there will also be other low- or low-emission vehicles such as plug-in hybrids and hydrogen vehicles.

Tesla has a higher rating on the stock market due to investors banking on it, leading to a transition to electrified transport, while other manufacturers, such as German giant Volkswagen, are now trying to catch up.

Tesla and its eccentric co-founder also allow other branding opportunities, which are usually limited to exotic manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari.

However, her latest branding exercise may not be the wisest move for the vehicle manufacturer.

Tesla recently started selling (and quickly sold out) its own tequila line, moving bottles for $ 250 a pop ($ 343).

The tequila is thought to stem from an April Fool’s Day joke Musk made on Twitter in 2018.

While there was a lot of talk about the company’s financial future at the time, Mr Musk joked online that the company had gone bankrupt (he would later find out that the company came in a month after the store closed as it tried to increase production).

“Despite intense efforts to raise money, including the recent mass sale of Easter eggs, we are saddened to announce that Tesla has gone completely and completely bankrupt. “So much bankruptcy, you can’t believe it,” Musk joked.

“Elon was found spilled against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by Tesla Cila bottles, and traces of dried tears were still visible on his cheeks,” he said.

Many of Mr. Musk’s jokes on Twitter later turned into real products (while some of his other attempts at humor made them girls).

In recent months, the company has offered “S3XY” red satin shorts on its website, which quickly sold out.

The back of the shorts decoration refers to the company’s vehicles: Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

The Tesla tequila sold out quickly and has already appeared on eBay with a much higher priced command, mainly for empty bottles.

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