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Think “virtually” about family gatherings during the holidays



(Health Day) – Virtual gatherings are the best choice for family reunions this holiday season, says an expert.

It is the safest approach during the KOVID-19 pandemic, especially for older loved ones and those with basic conditions, according to Dr. Glenn Bookberger, an internist and pediatrician at Penn State Health Center Milton S. Hershey in Hershey, Pakistan.

“We just have to think that being separated is a loving, caring decision that we make,” he said in a hospital statement.

If families are willing to take a risk and really want to be together, the best approach is a strict quarantine of 14 days before the gathering, Buchberger said.

People who have not been quarantined should not attend, especially if there is a large group.

People traveling should get their own car if possible, instead of flying or taking a bus. While airlines say they can keep their air clean and have strict cleaning protocols, that may not be enough protection, Buchberger said. Being with other people or touching airport surfaces can lead to a risk of infection, even if other passengers wear masks.

Try to keep family gatherings small and keep them outdoors, even in an open-door garage, Buchberger advises.

Do not rely on air purifiers. Although they can provide some help, they will not completely protect people in the same room with someone infected with the new coronavirus.

It is also important to know that the KOVID-19 test before a family reunion can give a false sense of security. A negative test result does not always mean that a person does not have a virus – it just means that he does not shed enough virus to appear on the test, Buchberger explained.

“The positive thing about all this is that we know how to prevent this from happening,” he said. “We know that to be separated and to wear masked things.

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