Sunday , October 24 2021

The Ministry calls on teachers to conclude a contract


The statement can be attributed to the Secretary of Education
Iona Holsted

The Ministry of Education encourages
Primary school teachers and directors to consider carefully
offer made last Thursday to reach an agreement or return to
table negotiable in a package worth 698 million dollars.

means that most teachers will receive a raise between
9 500 USD and 11 000 USD additionally within 24 months.

collective bargaining, the government was
solving problems related to the workload and work of teachers.

It has
account was taken of the removal of national standards in response to
teachers' claims that it was a big factor of workload, and
USD 40 million for investments increasing teachers' supplies
vacancies. Over 3,500 foreign teachers now
he registered interest in educational recruiters in
returning or migrating to New Zealand.

Last learning
advert of support for 217 million dollars for 600 people
the new roles of the science support coordinator will also facilitate
the workload of the teacher and supporting parents and children. On top
Budget 2018 financing that brings a whole new investment into
learning support this year to 500 million dollars.

A strategy for developing the workforce is being developed
answer: "what is a teacher and only a teacher
must he do? "This is the first time teachers have
he was asked to participate in a conversation about what
future workforce must look in executive terms,
analytical or other skills needed for management and management
schools in the 21st century. It's about slowing down time
for teaching teachers.

Settling wage negotiations with
NZEI is important and we remain open to negotiations exactly
how the billing package is made up. However, as
The government explained that it will not go on
increase in the amount of funds available for settlement

The most important features of the offer:

All teachers will benefit
from wage increases by 9.3% by 2020; and

All teachers
have access to a higher step of $ 82,992 or $ 85,481
depending on their qualifications by 2020; and

64 percent
all teachers (almost 16,000) will reach a new maximum
within the next 24 months; and

All other teachers
each year to these new maximum rates

the table explains the increases to the maximum initial rates
teachers will receive as a result of the latest offer.

information about the latest offer to settle the claim may be
found here

Information for parents about
strike action and supervision over children can be found

Guidelines for management
Trustees about their duties during the strike
can be found


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