Saturday , June 19 2021

The accountant automates the work by encoding an application

What happens when a person of non-technical background learns technical skills? He / she returns that skill back to that area of ​​work and uses it to make their work processes more efficient. Such was the case with Zack Ng.

After graduating from accounting, he decided to take a break. During the several months he set off, he joined the NEXT Academy Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

Later he started working as an accountant in one of the accounting firms "Big Four" and after his orientation to the company, he was placed on his first project. It was an extraordinary manual job for data input that required a team of 40 people! It involved sifting over 40,000 reports and extracting relevant numbers from them.

To consider how big this project was, it was supposed to be a five-week project, where each of the 40 team members had to receive over 200 reports per week. On the first day of the Ng while he was checking the reports, he noticed that there were duplicate reports. These duplicates occurred because there were different versions of the same reports or even identical reports to which different file names were given.

Because of how many reports they had, as well as the number of people in the team, the cross check was a difficult process. This resulted in an overall inefficient workflow that Ng realized it could be repaired. That night, he built a prototype application that could identify duplicates and latest versions of reports, as well as extract the necessary numbers. He showed the application to his manager, who showed him the director.

Obviously, the company tried to build a similar application. They even hired developers, but they were not successful. The director gave Ng a week to complete the application. A week later, Ng had a better version of the application and was ready to show it.

And it worked! Ng later told NEXT Academy Director Audrey Ling that although the application lasted only minutes to get over 40,000 reports, it was the longest, most exciting minutes of his life. Combining industry know-how and coding is powerful "Coding is like writing a mini-version of yourself in software," Ling says.

"Zac, equipped with industrial know-how, is based on his ability to encode to build something."

It's something that has created such an incredible impact on the company. They could dissolve the team and transfer them to projects of higher value.

"Many people I talk to often see technology as a stand-alone. They think the disorder is a stranger, something big and extraordinary interference with the usual course of things," Ling said.

"The disruption is a process. It happens gradually, without thinking that this is meaningful." While there are digital pessimists who believe that "robots will take our jobs", Ling believes that this is a future for which we can prepare ourselves.

"Zac spent 10 weeks learning to encode and use his skills after the course was invaluable and really influential. Each of us can do the same," she says.

"Technology can come in waves to change things, it's inevitable, but they do not learn to code out of fear. Learn it because you can do it!"

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