Saturday , October 23 2021

Swedish model accused of "blackface"


The Swedish model was accused of practicing the "blackface" after publishing the makeup video tutorial, in which she saw the use of several shades darker than the color of the face.

Emma Hallberg (19 years old) gained popularity online in May this year, after she revealed how she created a glow on the skin with a golden, loose eye shadow instead of a traditional highlighter.

The self-described influencer now has over 170,000 followers on Instagram and launched the YouTube channel last week to take advantage of its success.

But her tutorial attracted criticism from supporters, some of whom suggested that she deliberately pretended to be a black or mixed race.

Several users compared her with Rachel Dolezal, an infamous activist who pretended to be black and even became the president of the local NAACP in Spokane, Washington, until she was revealed as having no African ancestors.

The model deactivated the comments on the video tutorial, but in the screen shot, which shows its addressing to the poem in the message on Instagram, she wrote: "Yes, I am white and never claimed to be someone else."

In the video Emma holds a shadow 332 from the May MeBeine Fit Me foundation, which matches the color of her neck.

Then he applies it on the face a few shades lighter than the neck.

Dee, who uses the @yeahboutella handle, tweeted Tuesday on the make-up line after he was told that Halberg was white in face-to-face on Instagram.

Her tweet, in which she placed a photo of the message next to the screenshot on Instagram Emmy, collected over 23,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

Twitter user Dee shared a photo of the message on Instagram, telling her that Emma was white, as well as a screenshot of the Instagram channel.
Twitter user Dee shared a photo of the message on Instagram, telling her that Emma was white, as well as a screenshot of the Instagram channel.

Since then, the model has deactivated the comments on the makeup tutorial on YouTube, but one of the Twitter users has shared a screenshot that showed her criticism in an Instagram message two days ago.

Emma wrote: "Yes, I am white and I never claimed to be someone else, and by the way, there are no" before "pictures, images that have been disseminated are just two things [sic] photos taken in two different seasons of the year [sic] before summer and one after summer and of course there is a difference in my skin tone because I am very tanned NATURALLY when I was in the sun !!

"I do not" pose "as a colorful person, as you claim, I never tried to be or look black, I was born with naturally curly hair, and my skin is easily sunburned !!

"(There is a photo (some) last year and a year before, when you can see that my tan looks exactly the same after each summer!)"

Most of the users were shocked that Emma was really white after seeing the photos from her Instagram.

Kayleh Makaveli shared several photos from Instagram Emma with the words: "I was shaking …"

Another wrote: "Dolzal Rachel, but make her sexy."

One person added: "I am crazy, I would guess that she was at least mixed with black, it's crazy. & # 39;

Some users have noticed that Emma has never claimed to be black and thought that it should not be a problem, but others have argued that it is problematic for the white model to imitate people of color for profit.

Anna Kisindi said: "The problem is that they consciously or unconsciously imitated black and black features."

Shay remarked, "It only makes you more annoyed when you realize how to get sponsors and promotions of brands that black women can never have and she knows."

Ciera adds: "Black women are always talked about because things that we can not change, but when something happens, it's sweeping under the carpet. They hate us and yet they want to be us.

Emma Hallberg contacted FEMAIL to comment.

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