Wednesday , June 16 2021

Scroll: Unlock the plug that comes to the Nintendo Switch

Embedded layer: off, completely revamped and revamped version of a chaotic party split-screen first person shooter, where everyone is invisible, the blast its way to the Nintendo Switch ™ on November 29, 2018.

Samurai Pank Styrosoft: The undone features contain a host of improvements over the original release, as well as changes tailored only to Nintendo Switch ™, including: a graphical overview with more vibrant and clear visuals designed with a portable screen in mind, new and remixed cards, processed weapons , an updated adapter, full support for unique Joy-Con ™, dual Joy-Con ™ and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller inputs, as well as a whole new soundtrack introducing a fresh and restless mix of energetic songs to enjoy.

They handle a strange arsenal of weapons of destruction ranging from furrows and horses to hobbies to candelabra and explosive swords. Since all characters are invisible, players must see the screens of their opponents in order to know their locations; Cheating on the screen is not only encouraged, but necessary. The 11 levels are divided into color-coded areas filled with unforgettable features, allowing positions to be pinpointed with ease.

Shape: Undoubtedly played a number of recognizable game modes, such as My First Deathmatch and Hillcampers, and definitely less known, such as the Murderous Mystery and the Capture the Fun piano experience, which uses the characteristic premise of the game in fascinating ways . This variety reflects the full experience, which is full of customization options, enabling players to tailor the experience of their personal taste.

"Styrouzet is a special party game that puts an inventive spin on a familiar experience," said Nicolas McDonnell, Managing Director, Samurai Punk. "Our team is a huge fan of Switch, and especially a multiplayer focus, so creating this new version of the game is a perfect sense."

Embedded layer: Unplugged will be sold for $ 12.99 / € 11.99 / € 10.79 / $ 17.99 via Nintendo eShop, where it is now available for pre-order with a limited 25% discount. The game will be displayed in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and Korean with simplified Chinese and Japanese added to the upcoming patch.

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