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Press release – The Paper Rain Project

New Zealand natives are the inspiration and the reason for the latest cooperation of The Paper Rain Project.Artists "NATIVE" ~ NZ for natives of NZ

New Zealand natives are the inspiration and the reason for the latest cooperation of The Paper Rain Project.

The "NATIVE" exhibition, which will be launched in our Ponsonby Pop Up store from November 19 to December 2, is a partnership between Paper Rain and thirteen recognized New Zealand artists who will be painting their unique works of art at hand. finished longboards.

A $ 50 donation from each of the Paper Rain skateboards will go directly to The Wildlife Hospital in Dunedin to help New Zealand species needing veterinary assistance and regeneration, says co-founder of the Paper Rain Project, Indigo Greenlaw, from the company's first thematic program. "It's a celebration of all things in New Zealand, and it's about connecting our audience with art and social good." When so many natives are at risk now, this is the reason every Kiwi understands, he says. "This program will set a precedent for boarding art with a greater purpose."

Guest artists are Hannah Jensen (who manually carves over 60 layers of paint) and the unique styles of Flox, Milarky, Erika Pearce, Sean Duffell, Ellaquaint, Cinzah and Michel Tuffery. Each artist worked on many shiny wooden boards, made at home from locally grown macrocarpa, recycled oak barrels of wine and rim.

"It's a collaboration of artists supporting the protection of what is inherently" New Zealand, "says Indigo, the NATIVE motif may not necessarily mean endemics, and it does not necessarily concern ordinary suspects," he adds. "I hope we will see obscure insects and little known epiphytes. boards, along with the classic thuja and kereru. "

A common approach to art is the key to the Paper Rain philosophy of nurturing design, the environment and the community, he says. "We know that we can strive for change alone and together we can achieve it, which is why we started working with this wide, wonderful and friendly community of artists."

Paper Rain Accident Prevention Coordinator Hannah Heslop explains that the company creates work supporting many charities, but chose Wildlife Hospital as the sole beneficiary of the exhibition. That would give a greater impact "and use art to lead our natives to the foreground," he says. "The group of artists we work with shares our passion for wildlife and nature conservation, so this is the reason why we've gathered together in full force."

The Paper Rain Project project also takes its works to the streets in the Ponsonby pop-up window, with the long-awaited release of a suitable board series. Boards, which are available in three sizes, are made of black Marlborough wood, with engraved graphics reminiscent of a truss, which acts as a non-plastic grip. "We are happy that they are useful and beautiful, combined with aesthetics and ergonomics," says co-founder Wills Rowe, who makes boards in the cherry orchard of Marlborough. "As with our ethical clothing and board graphics, it's about connecting people to the creation process – from materials to the final product."

The "Native" Board Art and Pop Up Store exhibition will run from November 19 to December 2 at Ponsonby Central, Shop 4A. The event starts at 17:30 on Friday, November 23.

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