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Review Suspiria (2018): a stunning, outrageous and exaggerated remake


Luca Guadagnino & # 39; s Suspiria (2018) it's a lot of movies. His remake of the famous horror Dario Argento from the 70s takes about two and a half hours (original clocks from about a hundred minutes ago). His working time is densely filled with atmosphere, artistic cinematography and outrageous sequences of horror.

The plot bones are similar to the original. Dancer Susie (Dakota Johnson) moves to Europe to take part in the prestigious ballet school. He comes to find the atmosphere at school anxious; the student was missing, he left at night. The curse of the school's witches is immediately struck by Susie, and the leading instructor Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton) begins to prepare for Susie to take part in the ritual.

The thing with this new one Suspiria there are so many. It is divided into sixteen thousand acts (okay, six and epilogue). This is a movie that sits with you a few days later. I feel long, but I also feel full.

Guadagnino and screenwriter David Kajganich moved cannily to the dance school in Berlin, but they kept the setting of the original from 1977. The confusion in Berlin at that time (just twenty-two years after the Second World War and the wall separating Berlin for more than a decade from the fall) allows the film to draw similarities to the contemporary political climate. Tight border crossings and a dismal wall dividing both functions. Political references also do not end there, because the film also has the MeToo movement in the blood (especially in brutally loaded dialog lines).

It gives you material that you can get involved with, but as an audiovisual experience, it's hypnotic. This is in a series of nightmarish assemblies Suspiria (2018) provides the most effective moments. These strange visual collages, embedded in the wonderful tension of Thoma Yorke & # 39; a, are becoming more and more intense, eventually reaching a level that can be overwhelming. The film culminates in a visually and audibly spectacular sequence. He is vulgar and disturbing. The film lands on an intuitive level, and it gives the impression that it captures the spirit of the original Argento.

Fans of the original Suspria They would probably have noticed in promotional mareri that the remake of Guadagnino does not have the same intense color. Indeed, this new approach uses a more faded palette, with lots of used oranges and greens. It turns out, however, that Guadagnino and the operator Sayombhu Mukdeeprom have an eye on beautiful photography, because my goodness, Suspiria (2018) is a great movie to watch.

The school, set against the background of the gray German landscape, is an exceptionally attractive place, and large, empty rooms and studios with mirrored reflections are a great disorienting background of this treacherous horror.

And in fact, if you stay with the movie, you'll see more vivid colors.

There is also a melodrama, another element of the original that is present in the remake. Moments of melodrama, and even a little stupidity add only the disorientation that Guardagnino feels.

Suspiria (2018) is a work of precision. Even the performances are accurately measured. The two central scrolls are excellent, but largely limited. Madame Blanc of Tilda Swinton is a talented matriarch, and Susie with Dakota Johnson is overwhelmed and terrified while the two have a calm, fascinating chemistry. Elsewhere, the noisy sabotage of witches provides a more anarchic presence, and Eva Goth is as brilliant as Sarah's rebellious burning cigarette.

Although there are many things to be praised Suspiria (2018) The film is filled with flaws. There is some unconvincing CGI, a few slow dialogue sequences that appear when the runtime is already punished, and some interesting ideas that simply do not work when they are visually rendered (eg, a dance sequence with Susie and Olga). This is a really indulgent movie and we wonder if it was worth keeping a little more restraint in the scenario.

The year 2018 was a year of amazing genre films; Water shape. Silence please and Hereditary. Suspiria (2018) is shy about them. There's so much in it. At one point, we swear that they were missing Suspiria (1977) to be reworked and just started to rework pieces Mother of tears. We hope Luca Guadagnino will work Hell then and that he has six and a half hours.

Suspiria (2018) is ambitious, absurd and brilliant. It is a brave remake and worth imitating.

Suspiria is in selected British cinemas since Friday.

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