Wednesday , June 16 2021

Protected Fortune Skin and Cosmetics Found in v8.1 patch |

With the first update for Fortnite Season 8 now living, data miners are busy digging through the game's files to find what they can – including a lot of new skins and more cosmetics.

Patch v8.1 went live on March 12th, introducing a brand new vehicle with The Baller and adding a whole range of weapons changes, marking the first major changes to the Fortune season 8.

However, it is also good news for fans who want to be tagged in all the latest skins and items in the game.

The ballerina is the latest Fortune vehicle

As usual, after the update, data miner digs through files to find any sort of unpublished content – and they stumbled upon some brand new skins and cosmetic items, all centered around the new theme for the recently updated season.

It seems that fans will have much to hope for with this update, as many interesting skin designs have already leaked.

Below, you can find pictures of all cosmetic items that have been leaked so far, as well as all the information we have about them – including all names or descriptions.

All leaks come from courtesy @FNBRHQ or @ lucas7yoshi on Twitter and this post will be updated as more items are discovered.







Psionic Edge


Three stars


Star wand


Psionic Edge

Fresh cut

Back Bling

Katana and Kunai

Dual karma


Banana bag

Crystal Lama


Magma is over

Happy ending

Pineapple is over

Diamonds finished

This post will be updated as and when we receive more images from all new disclosed items.

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