Thursday , October 21 2021

Nutanix expands Beam to a private corporate cloud


Nutanix announced new Beam updates that extend its visibility of costs and optimization possibilities for initial implementations. With these new updates, Nutanix customers can gain full visibility and insight into the entire infrastructure environment, including public and private clouds, so they can choose the right cloud for each application.

More predictable applications such as data backups, databases and enterprise applications can be more cost-effective when working in private clouds, while less predictable workloads such as mobile / digital services and IoT services may be more suitable for public cloud infrastructure .

Beam will now provide a global view in many cloud, so that customers can visualize patterns of spending in the cloud from a single panel, making it easier to make decisions that will save business money and ensure compliance with regulations.

According to a recent IDC survey, "80% of clients report repatriation of public cloud workloads," and "the complexity of managing an increasingly disaggregated application portfolio across multiple target zones increases TCO focus and performance for discrete components."

As organizations focus on the dispute over public cloud deployments to gain a better view of what is being consumed, existing private cloud deployments, including potential savings, are often ignored, resulting in an incomplete picture of the enterprise's infrastructure.

Beam will now provide customers with the visibility of costs for Nutanix software licenses so that they can understand the costs associated with their private Nutanix cloud environments as well as with public clouds on popular cloud platforms.

In addition to the full visibility of the entire public cloud consumption, Nutanix customers will now be able to see how much they spend on each Nutanix set they have set up and get advance notification when they have to add more software on current consumer trends, all in one management control panel. This global view will finally allow customers to manage the entire IT infrastructure environment.

"We are developing at an aggressive pace, and with a large area of ​​public clouds, making sure that we have detailed visibility and precise control, we must ensure that we do not exceed expenses," said Anuj Gupta, general manager of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

"When we doubled our implementations in the cloud, Nutanix Beam identified so many savings that we did not see any increase in overall expenses, we are very excited that we have the same visibility in our future implementations to ensure full cost optimization within our multi-cloud infrastructure. "

By adding to the existing service of all major public cloud platforms, providing customers with visibility and management in their public cloud deployments, Beam's newly added support for cost management in the Nutanix clusters ensures:

1. Unified management of all clouds – IT Directors and I & O leaders can centrally control consumption through private, public and hybrid clouds and more efficiently make decisions about future consumption

2. Continuous optimization of costs – Beam conducts an intelligent analysis of trends in the use of cloud in order to provide a list of product types and the schedule of future purchases in order to keep optimization of cloud costs for both private and public clouds

3. Cost analysis at the cluster level – customers will be able to see the cost of deployed Nutanix clusters and the cost of software licenses allocated to each cluster

"The hybrid cloud is no longer considered a short stop on the way to the future of all public clouds, it's a top destination because customers are realizing they want complementary benefits from public and private cloud," said Sunil Potti, Product Director and development at Nutanix.

"To be successful, companies need to understand how they use infrastructure regardless of platform and view." Nutanix Beam now provides visibility, allowing customers to finally make informed decisions about their entire infrastructure. "

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