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Legends of Runeterra: How to level up your champions

Legends of Runeterra It may be late to the CCG party, but it brings with it a host of new features and mechanics that sets it apart. Among those is the level up system present for all champion cards.

Instead of using experience points like League or a limited-time use like Evolution Shadowverse, each LoR champion has to complete an objective, written on their base card, to level up. Akin to a quest that unlocks further power for the character.

What is a level up?

Screengrab via Riot Games

A level up grants the champion with an increase of power. This usually comes in the form of stat boosts to power, health, and their unique abilities. Some champions even gain brand new perks that irrevocably change the game's state.

Champions that level up should start on a clean slate. They retain their taken damage and other effects.

After triggering a particular champion's level up effect, all other duplicates will level up with it. That means you'll be drawn into the leveled-up hero without having to complete the quest again. Only one copy of the champion can be played at any one time, so players have to put three Jinxes on the battlefield, no matter how much they want to.

How do champions level up?

Champions have to complete different mini-quests to level up. Some champions have abilities or associated cards that help with leveling up or synergize greatly only when the character levels up. These various power spikes mean players have to strike a balance between champions that can easily level up but receive less benefits, or champions that are difficult to level but are tremendously powerful when they do.

Can followers level up?

As of now, no followers in the game can level up. A perk exclusive to champions.

How does a champion's level up change the game?

Champions gain boosts to their power and health, and some will gain an extra attack ability. Some champions, like Fiora, even create their own win condition for the game.

Generally, champion abilities are heavily drawn from League. Characters retain their signature look and feel even when transposed to a card game.

Champions are LoR vary dramatically, and have tons of interesting combos to explore. With the game still in such a raw stage, be prepared to see even the wilder effects and abilities in Runeterra.

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