Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Lamborghini teases 'the future' ahead of Frankfurt

Lamborghini has teased a new model ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show and it looks to be a new supercar.

The image was posted to Lamborghini's Instagram page and shows a shadowy model in front of a trio of light beams that mimic Lambo's modern lighting elements.

Hard to pinpoint exactly what the car could be because earlier this month a report claimed that the Aventador replacement would be delayed until 2024,
    with new Huracan to come a year later. Apparently, the Italian making enough money, despite the success of Urus, to justify updating the
    Aventador's engine. So what could this one be?

Some reckon it could be a production version of the Terzo Millennio concept, allegedly already shown to potential buyers. That could be close, as is the teaser
    shares the same style of lights as the concept, as well as the double bubble roof. However, we wouldn't be surprised if you tweaked an Aventador.

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