Wednesday , August 4 2021

Kate Middleton overshadowed Megan Markle in The Firm with immense popularity

Kate Middleton overshadows “tough” and “demanding” Megan Markle in the company

Kate Middleton is considered far more popular than Megan Markle, because the two leading ladies of the “Company” are often compared to each other.

After Maggie, the vast majority of royal officials said they preferred Kate to Megan because of the latter’s “snobbery” attitude.

According to Tetalko, it was difficult for them to cooperate with the Duchess of Sussex.

“By all accounts, workers and family at Buckingham Palace seem to prefer Kate Middleton. Not only that, the British seem to love the Duchess as well,” the agency said.

“So it goes without saying that this does not suit Megan Markle,” she said. “According to all reports, it is no secret that women are different.

“Megan was an actress, she likes to do things her own way and does not play the role of a royal too well.”

As before Express UK to royal correspondent Richard Palmer, Megan was referred to as “difficult” and “demanding” by family members and staff.

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