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It is said that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt "work together" on an agreement to look after their offspring – 08-Nov-2018


The source said: "Both sides are still working towards a settlement."

And although there have also been reports that problems will arise because Angelina is looking for full care, and Brad is seeking a 50/50 split, the source claims it is not.

They added to People magazine: "Angelina is not looking for full care."

54-year-old Angelina and Brad will take part in the hearing on December 4, where they are expected to start another two-week negotiations on care, and insiders claim that the former couple are doing everything in their power to settle the case before the trial .

In addition to the dispute over custody, the private judge must also deal with the property settlement contract, as the previous couple does not have a pre-marriage contract.

Legal documents filed on Monday (5/11/18) said that Brad and Angelina, 43, want to extend the appointment of Judge Ouderkirk to the provisional judge by June 30, 2019. And he will listen and settle all matters, requests and requests and attempt.

The couple started assessing childcare last month, and in August came to a "temporary" agreement on the care of their children, only a few weeks after the actress "Solna" accused Brad of not paying any "significant" support for the child, because she filed a suit for divorce. .

But a few days later the "Fight Club" star argued that he "lent" his wife $ 8 million to help her buy her current home and bring in over $ 1.3 million "to bills for [Jolie] and underage children. "

His lawyer Lance Spiegel added that Brad "strongly disputes the claim that he did not pay child support".

Earlier this year, Angelina was ordered by a judge to allow her children to spend more time with their father or risk losing their care.

The judge told her: "If the juvenile children are closed to their father and depending on the circumstances related to this state, it may result in shortening the time spent with [Jolie] and may lead to the Court ordering basic physical care [Pitt]. "

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