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"Hitman 2" improves the unique approach to the hidden species


IO Interactive took a big risk when the programmer transformed his sequel "Hitman" into an episodic game. The entry itself was basically a restart, changing the direction of the series. Instead of being a linear, action-oriented design, the 2016 title made the game more like a point and click adventure.

Using stronger equipment to create expansive levels, with hundreds of traversing characters, according to scenario scenarios. Maps are hidden playgrounds where players are looking for paths to eliminate their trail. This movement has opened a new way of the game in which players avoid the use of weapons, instead rely on trickery and the environment to kill their target. The IO Interactive game has paid off well enough that the continuation was green.

"Hitman 2" is a restart extension that polishes the game and fixes the defects of its predecessors. The main character, Agent 47, continues to hunt the Shadow Client after he accidentally took people associated with a group called Illuminati called Providence. The game offers a summary of the original, but people with the previous title can download the Legacy package free of charge. It contains maps from the previous game and allows newcomers to experience the whole story.

For the uninitiated, the Legacy Pack is a good starting point for the re-run of the series, and because the old content carries improvements to the continuation, it's a better experience. Players can learn the language and tools of "Hitman 2", and the goal of the stealth game gets sharper.

As in the original, this continuation allows players to use rifles and rifles to eliminate the mark, but in this way they will lose half the experience. As Agent 47, players should immerse themselves in the scene. They can follow mission stories from the menu or discover the world and discover new clients on their own.

Non-firearm methods check the sneakiness of players because they often have to think about how to isolate a target, knock it out, and steal clothes to infiltrate an object. Often, this means luring a character to an isolated place by throwing a coin or poisoning food to send a target to the bathroom.

Changing the dress in "Hitman 2" is almost like getting a magnetic card. It offers access to new areas, but at the same time players have to watch out for different characters that may recognize Agent 47 as a fake. As with other hidden games, players must worry about maintenance and leave no trace of their presence. They have to hide their bodies, find ways to divert their opponents' attention, to smuggle through them and shoot cameras.

Harder missions require players to plan strategies to isolate the target or find a route in the base. They may have to give up their weapons because they will be searched before entering the house or may need to find a poison to send a key figure to the bathroom, where they can knock them out.

This often requires a lot of savings and reloading because players learn about the complexities associated with the attack. This is one of the flaws that remains in "Hitman 2". It's easy to understand and master mechanics, but it can also be penalized if Agent 47 is discovered.

Another disappointing element is that the intermittent scenes depicting each level and explaining the consequences of the mission are basically painted stills. Unlike the previous title, "Hitman 2" offers few in CG scenes. It hurts the narrative, which this time is more convincing when it delves into the origin of Agent 47 and his relationship with the Client of Shadow and Providence.

In its favor, "Hitman 2" restores live content, which the band introduced in the original. Intangible goals turn and give players motivation to repeat the game. Another benefit of playing multiple levels is that players can complete new Mission Stories, and can get new tools and starting positions every time.

Two new modes – Sniper Assassins and Ghost Mode – are to give "Hitman 2" more multiplayer character. Sniper Assassins is a collaborative mode in which players work together to destroy the target, while Ghost Mode is a competitive scenario in which two people go head to head to see who can get the most killings.

Both should extend the life of "Hitman 2", but this is a special experience for a single player. This makes the franchise stand out from the crowded field.


3 stars for 4

Platform:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rating: Mature

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