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Article: Commodore comes from diesel

Price £: 48990
Engine: 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, maximum power 125 kW at 3750 rpm, maximum torque 400 Nm at 1750 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
Brakes and stabilization systems: Front and rear disc brakes, ABS, EBFD, TC, ESP
Security: ANCAP five stars
Wheels and tires: Alloy wheels, 225 / 55R17
Fuel and economy: 5.6 liters per 100 km, fuel tank capacity 75 liters
emissions: 148 g CO2 per kilometer
dimensions: Length 4897 mm, width 1863 mm, height 1455 mm, curb weight 1570 kg



What's new?
This year's premiere of Holden Commodore series ZB brought many new products: it comes from Europe, not from Australia. This is the first Commodore with front-wheel drive, which will first appear in the liftback version, and the first in the diesel range disguise.

These attributes meet in a test car, and Commodore LT 2.0D collection costs 48 990 $. This is the second step on the ladder of the Commodore specification, just from the basic LT variant fueled with petrol worth USD 45 990.

Decide on the gas version, and you will drive a 191 kW / 350 Nm machine, which prefers a diet with expensive 95 octane gas and manages standard fuel consumption in the cycle of 7.4l / 100 km. In the meantime, diesel accumulates 125kW and 400Nm and is significantly more economical with a standard fuel consumption of 5.6l / 100km.

How is it to look?
Since LT is the basic Commodore specification, the test car overlooked the external bling with other variants. However, the overall appearance of the Commodore lift is attractive enough, especially in the front, and even LT drives on 17-inch alloys and sports-gear and rear lights.

How is it inside?
The cab with trimmed fabrics is the simplest interior of the ZB Commodore, but it is still a nice place for both the driver and passengers. It is also roomy, with the main victim in space compared to the old model for all Aussie, with 36 mm width reduction. The luggage compartment volume is 490 liters, and when the rear seat backrest folds in, the capacity increases to 1,450 liters. If this is insufficient, a more capacious LTDiesel sportwagon is available for $ 1000 more.

What is the standard?
Unlock the central locking and press the button, dual zone climate, electric adjustable driver's seat, lights and wipers, cruise control with limited speed and a seven-speaker sound system. There is also a seven-inch middle touch screen and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the integration of Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto smartphones. The safety package includes autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, warning against lane departure, lane assistance, collision warning and advanced parking assistance.

How is it lead?
Impressive low-down muscle and general engine flexibility combined with a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission to achieve the determined characteristics of diesel without any effort. Combine it with a comfortable ride and well-functioning road and wind noise, as well as a potential range of over 1,200 kilometers, and an extended motorway drive is an obvious forte.

The engine can move around the city, and when you drive down the narrow streets. Other Commodore variants provide more rigorous, more precise driving, but LT Diesel is still well controlled and reasonably manoeuvrable thanks to twists and turns.
What's our verdict?

Commodore LT is mainly targeted at fleet buyers. It does not bother buyers of gas, for which the better equipped RS is the obvious next step up the ladder. But Diesel fans only have LT to choose from.

In commercial terms, Holden's decision to limit Diesel Commodore in this way is also a missed opportunity.

– Review and photos by David Thomson

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