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When I finally managed to play Hitman before we submitted the list of 2016 games, I was delighted. Although individual parts Hitman maybe it was not revolutionary, the sum of its parts was. Hitman he did something that no other game has ever tried: placing players in complex sandbox projects with an unlimited number of ways to achieve their goal and rewarding creativity.

The developer of IO Interactive had a difficult line to go with continuation, because he did not have to repair anything that was not broken, but he knew that he could improve the infrastructure of the game. Although there are still some outstanding issues to be addressed, Hitman 2 is the natural evolution of one of the most interesting series of this generation.

1. Shaken, not mixed

When I defeated the last mission in 2016 Hitmaneverything I wanted was more. More lengthy places with hundreds of civilians and unlimited possibilities. More tools for sending my goals. Hitman 2 it is exactly what I imagined – both the continuation and the expansion of a brilliant idea made flawlessly.

Once again, you'll discover six different, dynamic and dynamic locations. Once again, you will have to use people and objects around you to complete the mission. And once again, the more you achieve during the mission without getting caught, the more experience you will get at the end.

But the changes are so serious that you can enter them Hitman 2 In the first game, you feel more than just a level package or an extension. Agent 47 can now blend in with the crowd, hide in the high grass, use mirrors to see your targets around the corner, and even use your famous briefcase. Some of these improvements were immediately visible, while others almost completely missed me, but each of the games and changes in the user interface are positive.

2. Work in progress

IO Interactive completely reorganized the system of progression in Hitman 2and although it may be functionally the same, the way you gain experience for everything you do, from discovering areas on the map, to completing the story of the mission and quietly bringing out everyone you communicate with, is much more satisfying.

After completing the mission, you will see a new overview that will guide you through all the discoveries and challenges you have accomplished. All of these offer experience that goes to your championship level for that individual level, as well as your total level, which you can see at any time from the menu screen. The alignment gave me a carrot to pursue, and since the game is good enough to not need it, I see how often I come back to chase her.

3. Good old times

Hitman was one of my favorite games in 2016, which is why I was delighted when I learned that the whole game was packed in Hitman 2 also. If you have the first game, you will receive Hitman Legacy Pack for free, which seamlessly takes the original six missions to the sequel. Not only these locations have been visually remastered, but all functions Hitman 2 were also accepted.

Regardless of whether you have not played the first game since its appearance, you missed it completely, or just want to play this mission with all the wrinkles and additions in the sequel, Legacy Pack is a smart move.

4. The world of murder

What is so exciting Hitman 2 its potential is. Hitman was to be the basis on which a developer could build a long-term franchise without spending even a full new game, as Bungie did with Application 2. But for various reasons it has not been possible in this way.

The patient is a virtue, however, and Hitman 2 seems to be set up to achieve what you could not do prequel. In addition to the twelve sandboxes that you can now explore, the game also offers elusive goals, escalations, contracts, challenges, sniper mode and a new multiplayer game mode in which two enemies kill two enemies. Hitman 2 is much larger than Hitman 1 during the start.

5. Location, location, location

Whether you're marched through the bustling streets of Mumbai, serving French fries at the family barbecue in Whittleton Creek or the ravages in the garage in the middle of the Formula 1 race in Miami, you'll be constantly surprised and delighted with the worlds it contains Hitman 2 has to offer.

I can not say for certain if I prefer six selected locations Hitman 2 (Hawke & # 39; s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgàil) above the locations of the first game, but a great thing Hitman 2 is that I do not have to choose. I will say only that each of them is unique enough to guarantee many games, and writing about them makes me want to go back and find everything I missed.

1. Too much good stuff

If you hoped that IO Interactive would come up with a new wheel with its continuation, you will be disappointed Hitman 2. Think of it as the cost of survival – more than before, but it will not change your way of acting. Agent 47 is still the same insidious killer he was with two years ago, and although he has several new tricks in his sleeve, his methods are known and the structure is the same.

Feature missions run almost the same way as in the first game, and stories about missions will lead to a goal, a variety of costumes to which you belong, and the inevitable chaos that arises when you go astray. As I said before, it was exactly what I wanted from the new one Hitman game, but almost what I expected, but if the first game does not win you, Hitman 2 he will not do much to change his mind.

2. Narratively questioned

Just as the game itself is a copy of its predecessor, the overarching story is very thin again, gathering where the first game ended and offering crumbs about the mysterious past of ICA and Agent 47 in interludes (which are not animated, I should note) between missions. Considering how many turbulences were behind the scenes and how happy this band is Hitman 2 exists at all, I do not have the slightest problem with animated cutscenes, but whether it was a stylistic choice or not, it did not work.

At the end of the day it restarted Hitman The series is about huge sandboxes and creative problem solving. It is not that a convincing narrative is needed to connect them, but Hitman 2 he does not do enough to take advantage of any moment that IO Interactive could achieve thanks to the first game campaign.

3. Save yourself aimless

The most frustrating element Hitman 2 definitely there must be terrible delays between installments and loads. Hitman 2 encourages trial and error – this is the basis of the game – but to get back and try again, you have to save and load your game. The end of doing this countless times during the campaign, but the seconds you waste, waiting for the menu to load, will start to wear almost immediately.

I can not stress enough how often the simple action of loading the record took me from the game. I played Hitman 2 on PS4 Pro, so I can not compare it to any other version, but this is definitely my biggest complaint.

I've always had a tight relationship with stealth games – the genre intrigues me, and some of my favorite games over the last few years have been mainly focusing on hiding, but I'm not always patient enough to see them all. For any reason, Hitman we managed to avoid this trap in 2016 and two years later Hitman 2 he also did. The Hitman games know when to hold a hand and understand when to let you lose.

Although I would prefer IO Interactive to take on more risks related to both the story and the structure of the mission, the locations are as stunning and imaginative as ever, and I'm sure I will end up killing all my dozens of times, especially since the new content on Live shows are added in the coming weeks and months.

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