Monday , September 20 2021

You may be allergic to cold

Is not enough jacket at this moment and do you want to stay indoors with the hot stove? Then, of course, you are not the only one, but if you suffer from it in extreme cases, you may be allergic to cold.

It's called cold urticaria, so it says in "Women's Health" and it's down to your body to be very bad against the cold. These are the symptoms:

1. Red skin
As soon as you leave the door, your skin flashes bright red. The red blush lasts for at least an hour, and it just gets worse when you go inside again.

2. Galbultes
Red, nervous bumps may occur due to the cold, which remains for several minutes to an hour.

3. Swollen hands
If your hands get puffed out, as soon as they are painted, it can be a sign of a cold allergy. This swelling can also occur if you are taking a cold drink.

4. Headache and fatigue
Those who can not really withstand cold will feel tired and will get headaches.

If you suffer from these symptoms, then you have an additional good reason to stay indoors.

Source (s): Metro

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