Saturday , June 19 2021

Track restrictions: train movement Arnhem-Nijmegen resumed

Between Arnhem Central and Nijmegen on Sunday mornings there were several hours of signaling and crossing the border. As a result, there were fewer trains on this route for some time. Zevenheuvelenloop participants who threatened to come too late to Nijmegen were informed earlier that they could start later.

A spokesman for the organization told Omroep Gelderland that participants who will later appear as a result of the signal and exceed the level will be able to start a bit later.

NS gradually announced in the morning that the signal and intersection had disrupted. At this point, it was expected that the problems would be solved around 11.00; later it was adjusted to 12:00 and after the new calculations even until 13:00.

About 12.15 hours the carrier pointed out that the problems last no longer than fifteen minutes. From 12:30, all rail traffic between Arnhem Central and Nijmegen must run smoothly again.

De Zevenheuvelenloop starts at 1pm. Before this time, many participants may have to take away the initial permission. As part of the preparations for the event, the leading organization urged everyone to make the most of public transport.

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