Friday , April 16 2021

The crown measure popular: it has never changed so much in the Premier League

After a short break full of international matches, the ball returned to the Premier League in the last few days. And not only that, just like in the previous rounds, there were frequent changes again.

Less than 61 new players entered the field last weekend. Ajax and Heracles took the cake to Johan Cruyff Arena. Coaches Eric Ten Hague and Frank Wormut took each of the five luxury seats in the stadium.

Regular changes are part of this season. Since the start of the competition in mid-September, clubs have been allowed to use five substitutions. KNVB has expanded its coaching options so that players do not have to be overwhelmed unnecessarily during a busy season.

Five times

For the national association, which followed the advice of the International Football Rules Committee IFAB, introducing relaxation was a logical choice. Especially in view of the relatively short preparation and the presence of the coronavirus.

Most leagues now have five substitutes. Also, in the lower English professional leagues, a player can be sent off five times since last week. In the Premier League, on the other hand (just like in Belgium) they still stick to three substitutions, although this is expected to adjust in the short term.

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