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Sylvie Mace admonishes little ones: "You are so 6000 euros lighter"

Sylvie writes in her last column in Grace that she consciously deals with money when it comes to fashion. "Dior, Ballmin, Alexandre Vautier: great fun, but you're so much easier for 6,000 euros." No, Silvey keeps it simple. "I'd rather do a 500-euro shopping session in Zara, H&M and Mango, or online at Revolve. Then, I combine those beautiful high street jeans of 29 euros with a nice bag and shoes. "

Her son Damien, 13, may have stingy parents, but he must also save for his own clothes. He does not receive money for pockets or clothes, but is sometimes given something. "He puts it in a box to save new jerseys or expensive FIFA clothing." Sylvie thinks it is important for her son to recognize the value of money from an early age.

Silvey doesn't throw away the money when it comes to vacations. "I love to travel, but I will never book Tulum for last-minute New Year's Eve." The former football woman has already booked it in advance, as it can easily save several thousand euros. "I will not deny that I fly a business class, but I reimburse those expenses as much as possible with my Miles."

We talked to Sylvie Meis last week. Among other things, she said she has now made money with Instagram.

Now you can read the whole Silvie column in Grace.

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