Tuesday , June 22 2021

Sylvana: Do not call racist Dutch entertainment

That is why "many black Dutch dance around the topic of racism" while in fact it is present in Dutch society. "You can not be a woman in the Netherlands and you are not dealing with sexism" Simons. "You can not be black and you are not dealing with racism, you can not be gay and do not have homophobia, everything is there, and we have to find ways to deal with it." The father told her at an early age that "your position in society will never be the same as your white girls. "

Simons is still amazed at the Dutch hypocrisy when it comes to racism. "We saw it again in Dokkum, we saw it in RTL Late Night where Jerry Afriyie You are not allowed to sit at the table. This can not be the Netherlands. "Sylvana does not understand that everyone accepts this kind of scene." When we see these kinds of images in other countries, we have a mouth full of shame. And if that happens, we turn around and continue our lives. "


IDFA will be the premiere of the documentary next week about the life of Sylvan Simons and all the dangers he faces in his daily life, as he raises his voice on racism and discrimination. The turning point is what Simons calls the broadcasting of De Wereld Draait Door, in which they Martin Simek it appealed to frequent use of the word "blacks". "Even before the transmission was over, I was online for a traitor who had to come back with a banana," says Simons in Radio 1. "But I know you must remain calm, I know in which area of ​​tension I am going, if I do not keep calm, I am an aggressor" .

Calls for the last discussion on Ante-Piet activist Jerry Afriyie and "blocking Friezin" Jenny Douwes in RTL Late Night "one of the strangest music videos in my life." The first question that Twan Huys asked Mrs. Douwes was: how are you? Empathy. " The first question to Afriyie was: did you come to Dokkum to start? "Argwaan, accusation While Jerry was the victim of the" blocking Frisians ", there is a conscious or unconscious automatism in how to deal with each other, I am not interested in the sticker, but we must see the systems in which we live and in which we operate."

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