Friday , June 18 2021

Rutte calls parents: Just go to Sint-Inburg

Parents should especially go with their children for the arrival of Sinterklaas in Zaanstad. This is the message that Mark Rutte gave during a weekly press conference. "One thing is that all of society agrees that we all give children the magic of the Sinterklaas event," said the prime minister.

Rutte indicates that he understands the emotions that he releases. "But it is important that this discussion be calm, dignified and respectful and that it should be kept at the right time." He proposes to hold a discussion "in 49 weeks, when Sinterklaas is not in the country."


Earlier in the day, Minister Ferdynand Grapperhuis took part. "I want to call my parents: do not hesitate. I hope people will do it tomorrow, what they want to demonstrate before and that Sinterklaas can just come. It's an old children's party and I think it would be a great shame if people did not go there. "

Grapperhaus also told us earlier, on the day that "free conversation" took place between representatives of blocking French fries and anti-philippite activists.


Tensions around the color of Pieta are very high for years and it seems that they only increase each edition of the Sinterklaas celebrations. Especially after last year, anti-Black Pete demonstrators were blocked on their way to the highway.

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