Wednesday , June 16 2021

Rossana Kluivert maintains Shane & # 39; at home on December 5

Rossana lets Instagram know she's holding Shane & home, because there's no room for dialogue. What is wrong, according to the wife of Patrick Kluivert: "It creates deletions in society if you do not listen to it". Rossana is of the opinion that the appearance of Piet may be reloaded. She also mentioned this in her hometown of Laren. "Even with the mayor in the office, school, baker, etc. But no, everyone is turning away."

The player makes statements on Instagram by Arie Boomsma. The presenter says in his post that he was shocked by the heated discussion that is happening. "Speak, be involved, never allow hatred and racism."

According to Arie, this discussion does not concern arguments, but sentiments. "Only when you understand why people feel that something is being taken away from them will you continue." People were afraid of others. "Fear of a stranger who pays for money, removes work, space and traditions, imposes his own habits, and fear is anticipated in this debate."

The presenter is sad that some Dutchmen do not see other Dutch people as Dutch. "It is spoken in" she "and" we. "You would like all these people to know each other, only back and forth.If you know someone and learn to understand, in most cases it is harder for her or for him to hate. "

Arie also refers to Georgina Verbaan on her post on Instagram. After she published a photo of the Sinterklaas tour in Amsterdam yesterday, she was overloaded with negative reactions.

She found the reactions difficult. In the comments, the actress says: "Well, today is not so bad." Under this picture no one said I had to die, and my family and I must be raped and murdered, so that's profit. I was already blunted for it. "

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