Friday , April 16 2021

PSV can transfer the incentive premium to Ajax's opponents: "It's legal"

Hedveges Maduro is not surprised when PSV gives FC Utrecht and De Grafschamp the last two opponents of Ajax in Eredivis. PSV must tolerate Ajax for a goal difference and hopes for a panther from the Amsterdam team.

"We experienced it in Valencia. We played the last match against Tenerife," Maduro recalls Football talk on FOX Sport. "They were able to surrender, but three more teams were able to retreat, and then they gave us a bonus for stimulation, so we just got the competition."

Maduro knows from experience that Dutch clubs also work with premiums. "PSV can do it and they can tell FC Utrecht or De Grafschap: if you win or against Ajax, you will receive so much money. It's allowed. Not to lose, but to win. "Maduro got a nice pocket of Spanish clubs." It was a nice vacation. It's nice if you get it. "

Hans Kraj Jr. imagines how the clubs should continue in such a situation. "It happens in the Netherlands, it's legal, so just put 50,000 euro cash somewhere in a wardrobe in a small club that has nothing to gain or lose, but you really have to put it down, because of very small bills, it seems a lot. That you can do something fun with it right away. Just put it in half a ton, "says End Jr.

"It's happening in the Netherlands, believe me," Maduro concludes.

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