Monday , October 25 2021

Over 200 deaths due to Ebola in Congo


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 201 people died from Ebola from August. AFP report based on the Congolese Minister of Health. During this epidemic, the virus contracted 291 to 326 people.

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This is the tenth epidemic of Ebola that has plagued the country since 1976, and the second this year. Pest control is hampered by violence and political unrest in various regions. The head of UN security personnel called on Friday after the visit of the director general of the World Health Organization, so as not to interfere with the assistance offered. He focused on armed groups that operate in the east of the country.

Teams that perform the task of reacting "face threats, physical attacks, repeated destruction of equipment and hijackings" – he said. "Two of our colleagues in the emergency department were even killed as a result of the attack." This year there is an Ebola vaccine. Over 11,000 Congolese from high-risk areas have been vaccinated.

North Congo

The north-eastern coast of the Congo is an area of ​​conflict in which several armed groups disagree. In Beni, one of the most important cities in the province of North Kivu and the center of the outbreak, humanitarian operations were detained for a few days in September, after the attack.

Distrust is also a difficult factor in the fight. Some Congolese people think that treatment centers are designed to trade organs, said a Red Cross worker NRC. Thick suits, which the rescue workers wear to prevent infection, foment suspicion. The result is that some people do not come to treatment centers, and sometimes even run away, causing the virus to spread.

Without a vaccine or treatment, an infected person has a 90 percent chance of dying from Ebola. Contamination occurs through contact with bodily fluids of a person suffering from this disease. Patients who fall ill will have a sudden fever, muscle pain and weakness ("dry phase") followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rash, impaired liver and kidney function, and sometimes bleeding ("wet phase").

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