Wednesday , April 21 2021

No TitanFol 3 says the creator Apex Legends | NOW

In a blog post, game developer Respawn Entertainment, Dave McCoy, says there will be no new part in Titanfolseries. The studio is currently busy with the popular shooting game Apex legends.

Apex Legends was released in February 2019 and quickly attracted millions of players. This popularity ensures that the programmer continues to focus on this game and that plans for a new Titan Alphon game are "postponed".

McCoy says this has no further impact on War of the Stars Yedi: The fallen order. This is another game for rehabilitation is currently working. According to McCoy, another team is working on this game and the development of Apex Legends has no effect on this.

The first Titanfall game was released in 2014 and was continued in 2016: Titanfall 2. Apex Legends is set in the same world as Titan, but is not a sequel to the series.

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