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Music during surgery reduces the need for pain relief afterwards

Surgery in which a patient with a Chopin hearing aid or a last summer hit. If it depends on Erasmus MF researchers in Rotterdam, then this can easily become a common practice in the hospital. Music may, according to the authors of a study published this month in the scientific journal Annals of surgery has been published as an alternative to painkillers.

The study shows that patients with music with a knife need less addiction to pain after surgery. It also reduces the chance of side effects and prolonged use of pain relief, the researchers concluded. Heavy metal and solid rock do not seem to work. This month, Erasmus MF is already using a music headset for some operations.

Just how music can have the effect of killing pain requires further investigation, but it is clear, according to lead researcher Professor Hans Jeekel. "Music has an effect on our physiological system through the brain as well as the body. Among other things, stress response, immune system, immune system and hormone balance. How it works is not yet known, but it clearly reduces pain, anxiety and stress. "

Fantasy improvised

Chief Investigator Eckel listened to himself during the operation Fantasy improvised van Chopin, that he wants to play the piano. Thus came the idea for a large literature study. We have also reviewed 55 other studies, which show that the beneficial effect of music is greater than expected. In addition, it costs almost nothing, provides less waste and has fewer side effects.

A survey of 5,000 surgical patients who heard music through headphones showed that these patients required significantly less serious pain killers than patients without music. Music was included before, during, and after surgery. Meanwhile, more research is being done on the effects of music in operations called Music as Medicine.

Patients to be operated on always receive pain medications such as morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone and tramadol. These drugs are often highly addictive. There is a major opioid crisis in the United States, and the number of drug addicts is increasing in the Netherlands.

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