Friday , October 22 2021

Movie stars praise Stan Lee Entertainment en masse


Actor Chris Evanswho played the character of Captain America in seven films, he says The Hollywood Reporter Lee spent decades offering young and old adventure, escape, comfort, self-confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and fun. He was breathing with love and warmth, leaving a deep impression in so many lives. "

Star Hugh Jackmanthat could be seen ten times Wolverineemphasizes that the world "lost its genius". "Stan was a pioneer in the superhero universe, and I'm proud to have made a small contribution to his legacy by bringing in one of his characters," says Hugh.

Actor Spider-Man

Young Brits Tom Hollandwhich in the last few movies a character Spider-Man interpreted in the reaction THR that "millions of people owe so much to this man". To which he adds: "And not at the very end." He made so many people so happy. How wonderful if you can achieve it in your life. "

filmmaker Kevin Feigethe man who produced all of Marvel's films, he says The Hollywood Reporter in response to the fact that Stan leaves an extraordinary legacy that will survive everything. "" Our thoughts are with millions, millions of fans who have been touched by his genius, his charisma and heart. "

Singer Kiss Gene Simmonswho was Lee's friend, praised the rapporteur for finding heroes. "His stories have taught readers that Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk also have weaknesses, problems with girls and can not live 24 hours a day in their own fantasies."

Mark Hamill

Even actors who never played a role in the Marvel movie praise the comics thinker. "People always say that you should not meet your great idols," says Star Wars actor Mark Hamill. "But everyone who says it's wrong is everything I imagined and something more, I love this man and I will always miss him."

Share many asterisks in Lee's photos on Twitter in various movie cameras, such as Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool), Edgar Wright (who is Ant-Man-film wrote) and Scott Derrickson (that Doctor Weird– directed video).

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