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Justice and police contradict 'cover-up' over arrest of son Chalsema | NOW

Police and the Office of the Public Prosecutor (OM) contradict Wednesday that there is a cover-up over the arrest of Amsterdam mayor Jemke Jalsema's son. Anonymous agents suggest De Telegraph that this arrest, which took place last month, was kept under control.

"Information about the work of the police and CPS is about the balance between openness and transparency on the one hand and the interests of fair trial and the privacy of those involved on the other," the authorities said in a statement.

"The general policy applies to every fifteen-year-old boy in the Netherlands. So there is absolutely no doubt that the arrest has been kept under wraps, "police and judicial authorities wrote.

Police have launched an integrity investigation into who uncovered information about the arrest De Telegraph.

Kant wrote about armed robbery

De Telegraph reported on Wednesday in a major newspaper that Jalsema's son would carry out an armed burglary in July. This was immediately attracted to the boy's mayor and lawyer Peter Placeman.

The teenager is said to have entered an abandoned boat with a peer of his age. The boat door would be open. There they sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

Someone called police during the tumult. Chalsema's son escaped and also got rid of false weapons. The councilor and the mayor describe the incident as adolescent behavior, to which, according to his mother, he "must respond".

OM is still reviewing the file

The public prosecutor received the file for Falsema's 15-year-old son last week and therefore has to consider the case, reports NU.NL. The case has already been turned over to the Haarlem Public Prosecutor's Office before being released to the public to prevent any conflict of interest from occurring.

It is expected that something about the incident could not be reported until September. Only then is it clear, for example, whether further investigation must be carried out and whether it will end.

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