Wednesday , June 16 2021

Japanese women still unavailable in the band

The Dutch women's chase team started the World Cup season with a silver medal. Ireen Wüst, Lotte van Beek and Joy Beune took second place in Obihiro for unavailable Japan.

Miho Takagi, Nana Takagi and Ayano Sato, the reigning Olympic champions, immediately took second place in the Dutch team schedule.

After eight laps the difference was 2.33 in favor of Japan, which emphasized its superiority by giving the German team a rarity in the team.

Wüst satisfied despite the problems with running

"I think we did it very nicely," Wüst replied. "We did not know how to start the game a few hours before the match, there is still room for improvement, it depends on us, if we will train together, I think we can beat Japan during the season."

The Dutch team that won the Olympic silver at Pyeongchang only participated in Wüst. Marrit Leenstra has stopped, and Antoinette de Jong only drives individual distances in Obihiro.

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