Sunday , April 11 2021

Japan displays images of asteroid craters after a spacecraft fired a projectile – IT Pro –

Japan's space agency JAXA has released photos of an asteroid crater after Hawaii2 spacecraft launched an asteroid missile earlier this month.

JAXA reports on Twitter that the exact dimensions and shape of the artificially created crater will be discussed in more detail in the future, but the space agency already reports that it is visible that an area of ​​about 20 meters has changed due to the impact. JAXA did not expect such a big change.

The images prove that the impact actually created a crater. This event was held earlier this month. The Hayabusa2 investigation then shot the so-called. Small carriers, one of the modules of the probe, wipes the surface of the asteroid 1999 JU3 Ryugu.

There were already pictures showing that ejector of the Ruguu surface module, but there was no definitive evidence for the formation of the crater. Jaksa was also there a few days ago published a video that shows the shotfalling into a collision with an asteroid.

A spacecraft is scheduled to land on the asteroid to collect the material from the crater and eventually return it to Earth for research. The probe is expected to arrive here in December 2020. By the way, the probe has already landed and got off the asteroid in an attempt to collect material.

Left the location of the impact before the real impact, and also the impact on the impact.

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