Friday , June 18 2021

Great struggle in Urk, young attacking a journalist

Police intervened last night in case of disturbances in Urk. They used the baton and used dogs against dozens of martial arts. A journalist from Oropep Flevoland was attacked. No one has ever been taken.

The disorder started around 7 am in a snack bar; then a large group moved into the home. According to a police spokesman, about 100 young people gathered there who set fireworks on fire.

Police asked for help from colleagues from neighboring municipalities. Only at 11 o'clock peace returned. The reason for harassment was probably a fight in which, according to unconfirmed reports, a woman was injured.

Chad bomb and bang fireworks

A journalist from Oropep Flevoland was attacked. His equipment was taken from the car of the camera and a smoke bomb in the car was released. Dozens of young Urkans told him to leave. Wave fireworks were also thrown at him.

His editor Allar Berens came up with an angry reaction:

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