Saturday , October 16 2021

"French fries with a blockade" receive tens of thousands of euros for the appeal

The collection action, which should appeal to the convicted motorists from Frisian highways, increased by over 35,000 euros. The action began yesterday.

The group that blocked A7 in November last year was sentenced to 80 to 200 hours duties yesterday. Some received conditional prison sentences.

The Frisians wanted to stop the anti-black demonstrators Pete & # 39; who were planning a demonstration at the national entrance to Dokkum. According to the court, blockers could know that they would create a dangerous traffic situation and frustrate the right to demonstrate.

The group informed after the decision on the appeal. Initiator of the protest action of Jenny Douwes, collector Robin van Prattenburg and other demonstrators began a collector's campaign to allow the appeal. Douwes himself was not present at blocking A7, but was sentenced to 240 hours of social service and a conditional sentence suspended in one month for incitement.

The previous donation was 43000 euros, of which 33 blockers and the initiator of Douwes received financial support. According to the group, this pool is now empty.

"High antisocial penalties"

Donors are outraged by the level of penalties. "We have great respect and appreciation for you." Good luck in the appeal. "High antisocial sentences," says the donor. Some donors also expressed their support for the tradition of Zwarte Piet.

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