Saturday , September 18 2021

Father (45) tries to strangle a police officer during the arrest | Interior

The 45-year-old father of the suspect is also said to have been sitting “on top of a policewoman”. He even tried to “suffocate” her, the police report said on Sunday. A 37-year-old woman also intervened in the attempted arrest. Eventually, the three were arrested. The man who instigated the violence with his insults managed to escape. “Agents do it reasonably given the circumstances.”

Police officers responded Saturday night to a report of a dog barking for hours. When they tried to enter the porch, they were insulted by a man. He ran when one of the officers tried to arrest him. After he was caught and a police officer wanted to “bring him under control”, two men attacked the police officer. They received help from a woman, police said.


The second officer was attacked in the noise. A third police officer tried to relieve his colleague, after which the 45-year-old Dordenaar sat on her and tried to strangle her, police said. “The situation was so difficult and threatening that the officer wanted to bring her a firearm. “Before doing so, the police officer, together with a colleague, managed to shake the assailant and free her from the trap.”

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