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Eating less carbohydrates can give your metabolism a huge boost

Have you lost weight and would like to stay on the new weight? A new study suggests that some people can burn up to four hundred calories a day if they start to eat less carbohydrates and more fat after their diet. The American study was recently published in BMJ.

The researchers saw this spectacular effect in people overweight (BMI higher than 25) who recently had a diet limited to calories. To see what would then best work to maintain their healthier weight, people were divided into three groups. For twenty weeks all had to eat normal parts, with the same amount of calories and proteins, but with different amounts of carbohydrates and fats. The less carbohydrates get, the more fat and vice versa. Carbohydrates were also of good quality, so many whole grains and little sugar.

The less carbohydrates, the greater the metabolism

During those twenty weeks, all 164 participants remained roughly the same weight, which was the intention. But researchers see one important difference: the less carbohydrates they ate (and the more fat), the greater their energy metabolism! For example, participants in the low carbohydrate group burned an average of 250 calories more per day, without doing anything else, except for more often refraining from bread and pasta and instead of eating walnuts or fatty fish.

Nine pounds to eat without eating less calories

If this effect continues to continue, researchers have calculated that they will lose nine more pounds in three years. And it's just average, because there are even people whose metabolism got such a huge boost that they consume four calories a day more (they eat a lot of carbs before losing weight, which can explain the huge effect). The researchers also noticed that people in the carbohydrate-limited group had fewer hormone hungers that caused hunger, so they had less appetite.

Vegetable fats

In short, one calorie is not another, according to researchers, and eating slightly less carbohydrates can help to stay weight more easily if you lose weight. Please note that you replace your sandwich or pasta as much as possible with vegetable fats and proteins, such as nuts, avocados and legumes. They contain less saturated fat (excluding coconut fat) than, for example, cheese and meat, and are therefore healthier. Previous research has shown that a diet with many carbohydrates with a lot of meat can shorten your lifespan.

The Health Council says that those who want to eat healthy must get forty to seventy percent of their carbohydrate energy. In the American study, participants received twenty, forty or sixty percent of energy carbohydrates.

Sources | news for dietitians, Boston Children's Hospital

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