Thursday , April 22 2021

Dozens of rare birds stolen from the bird park in Ruinen

About forty-fifty special birds were stolen by Vogelpark Ruinen in Drenthe. Henk Dietz from the park finds out this morning.

"I feed the pigs at 7:15 in the morning and I go by the electric clock and I see that there is no power on the wire," he told RTV Drenthe. "Of course it is wrong if there is no electricity, I go to the other side of the park and I go around the corner and see how I interfere." I mean: what is he doing here? "

When Dietz looks at the lofts, he sees that all the locks are cut. "I have a long bird about 40 meters long and all the doors are open."

Stay with your feet

The latch is cut with several concrete scissors and various types of birds are brought, including long-term stars and European shepherds. And the eggs are gone.

Dietz is furious. "It does not make sense. Keep your feet from other animals." Some birds are not included, but still fly around. "I managed to catch two again."

When people see special birds flying in the Ruinen neighborhood, Dietz hopes to tell him that. "Two and a half years work for free. Everything you've earned, you just lost."

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