Friday , April 16 2021

Consumer Association: Keeper of privacy information is slowly handling the Google complaint | NOW

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) will take too long to handle a complaint from the Consumer Association for privacy breach in Android. The consumer organization states this in a letter to the regulator.

The Dutch Consumer Association appealed to the Dutch Data Protection Authority in November 2018, because the location feature of Android phones is included without being aware of it.

The same complaint was lodged by seven other consumer organizations with privacy regulators in their countries.

"More than six months after filing the complaint, the results are not yet visible," the Consumer Association writes. "There is no clarity about who leads the investigation."

It is not clear who should lead the investigation

According to the Consumer Association, it is not clear which regulator in Europe should lead the investigation for Android. The technical giant is processing its data in Ireland, so it is thought that the Irish watchdog should do so. However, it has not yet been published.

The AP reportedly vowed that the Consumer Association will share information on the progress of the investigation, but according to the consumer organization this promise was not fulfilled.

A privacy guard is not yet available for comment.

The AP issues fines for one year

Since last year, the AP, together with other European security guards, had the power to issue fines for privacy violations that violate general data protection regulations.

Since the introduction of the new law, the AP has received twenty thousand complaints.

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