Sunday , April 18 2021

"Baby Megan and Harry are already born"

For lovers of the British royal family, these are exciting days. Megan Markle and Prince Harry can become parents for the first time anytime … or are they already? Various news reports in English claim that there is a possibility that Megan is already born!

Visit to parents

For example, many instructions can be found on the website. Megan and Harry released a message on their Instagram on April 15th. They closed the text with: The Duke and the Duchess (and Baby Sussex).
Also, people who have been spotted around Megan and Harry's house in recent days many people think that the little one is already there. For example, Megan's mother flew out of the United States last week, and Megan's close friend was seen in their home. Did you come for a visit to motherhood?


There are so many speculations about the birth of the child, as Megan decided to break through the very old traditions of the British royal family. For example, she does not want to give birth in the same hospital, as the Royal Family members usually do, nor does she want a "staircase" where she and Prince Harry represent the newborn. Earlier, she announced that she did not want to make a media circus after the whole birth and show the little for the first time on the Vogue front page.

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