Friday , April 16 2021

Actress and comedian Cory van Gorp, 78, has died

Her last public appearances date back to 2009. After that he withdrew from public life. No real goodbye, says cabaret artist Richard Groennedijk Looking to tomorrow. He spoke to Van Gorp a few days ago. “We called from time to time. She sounded pretty cheerful then. She was a very cheerful woman, also very modest.”

Groendenijk was one of the initiators of a kind of monument at the Ode Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, in honor of Van Gorp. In 2018, the exhibition in the lobby was decorated with original clothing by Ms. De Bock as a lasting tribute to Van Gorp. Mrs. De Bock was Van Ghorp’s most famous character.

“Because of that monument, she still had a good end to her career,” Groenendijk said. “He was a great comedian.

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