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The public investment holds in 2020

Par Rachid Al Arbi le 27/09/2019 at 22h53

Investissements publics

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Kiosque360. The Minister of Finance is not counting on the investment in 2020. The cap is maintained by public entities and public-private partnerships.

The efficiency of investing in public enterprises and publications is maintained. Dance to the dance du jour, L'Economist reports that "the rest of the budget", contra 2019, the programmable program in the finance sector has a recession of 8% in terms of "ameliorating the volumes of project preparation", respecting the delimitation of programmatic des projects and certifications that are achievable such as "the cost of funding, the finance, the achievable costs …". De quoi permethre d'améliorer les realización taux.

In effect, the journal reports the billions of dollars of investing money each year in the financial sector that is not directly involved. It is slated to expire in 2017 and realization rates will not exceed 60%. This level is devoted to the journal, atteindre 65% in 2018.

Investing in publicly owned enterprises is a barrier to the acquisition of affiliates. «This is a locomotive circuit that the effect is fragmented by the delivery order». My s'ils s'améliorent légèrement, les délais moyens cachent aussi des mauvaises surprises. They don't have a passage of 78 hours in 2017 to 55 months in 2019. It is difficult to find situations where public records are different.

L'Economist precisely that the pre-determined aujourd'ui process consists of a court-ordered suite and actions over a long and long time to handle difficult structured publications and publications in the frame of a revised economic model.

It is provided by injecting liquidity into the signatories' entry-level software to facilitate delivery. The journal assures that the Finances are "devoting encouragement to public-private partnerships as to the mutualisation of public investment" for the benefit.

By Rachid Al Arbi

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