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The Marocains' centenes ont marché vendredi for the climate

Soufyane Farès

Marche to Rabat

CLIMAT – The Moroccan descent on the mondial appeal for the climate, about 27 September, in more and more royal villas. De Rabat to Casablanca, as well as to Fès and Demnate, are among the numbered cities to invest in rallying and alerting to the dangers of recuperation of the planet and the suture, interfering with political leaders in this climactic urgency.

In the capital, by the parliament, a group of pancreatic brand slogans and slogans. Plus, people are rallying around and, quickly, the race is debuting with about 200 people who are progressively reeling. As the mobilization of the climate for the climate is an initiative of the juniors, launched by the Swedish activist 16 years, Greta Thunberg, of the Nombreux adult on rehabilitating Rabat mobilization, in solidarity with the youth.

"Nous ne sommes pas aussi nombreux that do some mobilizations part dans le monde, but also foure plaisir de voir, that is Morocco, des gens mobilisent for this mondial and urgent cause for the notre de planre. Among the infants I haven't even seen the car in action yet, but they are just as euphoric as confie au HuffPost Morocco a family of brands brandishing a cover on peacock free "Save the Planet" ("sauvons la planete", ndlr).


Marche to Rabat.

"You are a participant in the marque that militates to promote social and political conscience in climatically responsible. This is a sympathy measure for attaining the responsiveness of politicians and policymakers who respond to climate change and climate change, and for undertaking measurable measures to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The environment and ecology will be a boon to the nation's debates and governments, but they are not likely to encompass the exploration of Soufyane Fares, a militant and responsive ecological project by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Rabat qui soutient la marche.

“This marche is a bon début, poursuit-il. Il y a des jeunes, desi nouvelles qui ne sortent pas pas souvent manifester mais qui ont eu le courage cette fois-ci de more to crier strongly contre la pollution ”.

In the ranks, toujours, Yasmina, a lynchpin in a capitol-style setting, sorry to see these camaraderie just a few feet away. "Il y a du monde oui, but after the authentication of the quake is not furnished in Marrakech la semaine dernière. En tout cas, where fait plaisir de voir tout those people furnished in Morocco. You have a marquee car that is very sensitive to climatic questions and you are in a peculiar beaucoup and these genes do not have any conscience quorum. You are about to alert governors about the problem of racism. HuffPost Morocco.

Presented by the Association of Green and Black Territories (AESVT) (AESVT) and the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development (AMCDD), the mobilization scheme is available to persons in Casablanca, Fès et al. Demnate. These interventions take place in the continent of "Mondial Gray" for the climate of 20 September, which furnishes millions of people in excess of 150 days to appease governors and fire agencies in climatic emergency.

In this blanche, the rosemblement is the most dreaded corn frozen corn in the Diab. “Lesbians of Morocco are inextricably linked to the dynamics of resources in order to avoid disrespect by the governing bodies involved in climate accidents”, a message to the MAP representative of the Association of stakeholders. Abderrahim Ksiri, De Casino and De Terrier (AESVT), resident in Casablanca.

Across the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Persistent Devolution (AMCDD), Jamaa Mehdi is keen that "the message of these juniors is on the plus side of the desiccants for amenable to assumerable responders," the premiere victory of the rehearsal is not the same as the generations of editors, ”reports the source.

Last night, it was close to a miller to Marrakech on a flight back to AESVT. This time around insists that jeans, premieres concerned with climate change, are on the decline. “Morocco is a volatile country with climatic delays, and it has a great deal of temptations to rejoin the Moroccan movement for its revision and expropriation. L'AVESVT Morocco appeals to the Moroccan authorities for rejoining the movement in large numbers ”.

They are close to the March 20 deadline, only to see the Sommet de l'Onu go to the climate to see windsurfing in the Accord region of Paris in terms of gas emissions serre. These engagements are estimated to be insufficient for combating climatic catastrophes in ships. Pour is not tolerated at + 1.5 ° C, the efforts of pays will be multiplied by the carbon and carbon neutrality of 2050, estimated by the ONU.

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