Sunday , January 17 2021

Spine One: a very social cradle controller for the iPhone

Cradle controllers for iPhone are not a very new concept, these controllers with a smartphone installed are even quite common (read about this in our Razer Kishi test). But the backbone seems to tick all the boxes, starting with its design: on either side of the iPhone are the controls themselves – two sticks, a cross, a guide pad and 2×2 Triggers.

Backbone adds a plug-in for enjoying the soundtrack of games with good old family headsets, as well as a Lightning jack for charging smartphones (you can also include headphones or headphones for lighting). The controller that weighs 138 grams supports iPhone 6s / SE to iPhone 12 Pro and all shades of Plus and Max between them. The smartphone plugs directly into the Lightning jack on the controller on the right.

So far, nothing unusual compared to another cradle controller, but the uniqueness of the One lies in its social functions closely related to its application. A button is used to start the mobile companion, allowing access to notifications sent by his friends who own the controller while playing; so it is possible to join them in multi-game modes and also talk to them in person in the application.

But that is not all. The controller also allows you to record videos of its games simply by pressing another button on the controller. The application saves the recording which can then be edited. All iOS games that are compatible with the controller are supported by Backbone One, including titles available on the Apple Arcade. The controller sells for $ 99, which should be ordered directly from the app. There is a waiting list, the first 3,000 units are booked.

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