Monday , June 14 2021

Settat: arrest of six miners for burning the national flag

Settat police on Wednesday (November 14) arrested six juvenile defendants, among others, for tearing and burning the national flag at the main door of the Settat high school.

According to the Friday edition, November 16 that day Al AhdathThese juveniles took advantage of demonstrations of students protesting against summer time to enter the Massir Khadra high school located in the Setar district of Farah. Then they destroyed the school's doors, windows and desks, and torn off the national flag attached to the main school door before they burned it.

According to newspapers, elements of the judicial police have initiated an investigation under the attorney general. They heard that the director of the Massir Khadra school told them that the minors in question were ex-high school students who were dismissed last year from school. There were also pieces of the burned national flag around the school. The court police also took part of the apparatus that they gave to the police. All this evidence finally made it possible to get to know the identity of two juveniles who were filmed by a camera.

These two teenagers were then placed in police custody and questioned. In the face of films showing that they wear a national flag and leave high school, teenagers finally confessed what they had done and condemned their accomplices who were arrested. Six of the defendants were finally brought before an investigating magistrate on Wednesday, November 14, and then detained in Ain Ali Moumen prison in Settat.

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