Monday , August 10 2020

SAMPARK et MONTGEROULT sont nos favoris!

The hurdlers of 5 years and more are donning the replica, scheduled for October 19, 2019, at the Prix Prince d'Ecouen at 3,900m from Butte Mortemart. As a matter of fact, SAMPARK devrait falls as the compiler and jouer of the premiere rolls. The gear reduces the MONTGEROULT settings, directing them to the steering wheel, with YELLOW FIELDS, which resides on the screen just above the quadrant, and CHRIS DE BEAUMONT, retro bonnes conditions à ce level. Attention to ZARISK, dont insist on pretensions, and CALAYAN, which is intended to provide decent penalties. Notons include the candidacies of BLACK LUNA, which are classified as CATEGORIES, and DIVA D'ATHOM, which provide a visual representation of a course in the jambs.

La Base:
Eleveve de F. Foucher, Sampark's fastest-paced, eternally absent-minded illustrator, is the only illustrated son to retire with a success. Placed with two handles in hand prints on prints, in this category with ambitions. The sera toujours associate with T. Beaurain for viewing the sac.

L'Outsider TQQ:
Kapgarde Films, Montgeroult has a steep drop in prices. Laureate du Prix du President de Republique a printemps, as confirmed by the suite at a superb level, and also available for surface refurbishment. All of this is correct in this discipline, in the form of a choc duo with G. Ré et semble armé for that distinguisher.

Pensionnaire d'A. Lacombe, Yellow Fields is now on the outskirts, ahead of the racheter with a steeple podium. After quitting the quays, it is possible to retire on the bales and in the handicaps, with the ambitions of the rachat. A sa valeur, i devrait se racheter et jouer les premier rôles.

Over 10 years ago, Chris de Beaumont has computational skills and is about to make sense of it. All of these are sorted to the point where they are not conventionally retransmitted by a value of 56, which can be avoided through a handicap by passage. Méfiance.

Carrying on the couplings of the Aurora Central, Zarisk rests on two sensations in the genre of touring. You have to trust the accessory of the honeycomb and that the value is reduced to two. Maintainers, without any progress being made after two courses of rotation and D. Results are subject to maneuvers in that event. To repair the surface.

En pleine ascension, Calayan for continuer sur sa lancée. Lets de ses debuts in the handicaps, more often than not, the most plausible imposition. Certificates, such as a penalty shoot-out, continue their entourage in this track with the adventures of C. Lefebvre and Serve Nouveau in Cell. Doublé à ne pas exclure.

Protégée de G. Macaire, Black Luna did not appear to receive any Gr.III fin. You entertained this person in this handicap, hosted a live show, and attended a comeback, with the duets with K. Dubourg aux manettes. It is conveniently remodeled to be listed in the passage and not on horseback for a place.

Turgeon's Hill, Diva d'Athom, is a platoonnewtextsearchexperience on this platoonnewtextsearchprofessional, but it doesn't bother to air anywhere in March. The podium of these two premiere shows sorted out in this discipline, but it didn't convince anyone of their level of affection, but rather about a long absence. Elle retrouve A. Poirier et son entourage insiste. And not after négliger.

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