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Real Madrid: quelle compo pour Paris? L'avant-match en direct

PSG - Real Madrid: quelle compo pour Paris? L'avant-match en direct

PSG – REAL – Real Madrid face Paris (21h) for their first Premier League match in the 2019/20 Champions League. A key to the match, the composition of PSG encompasses the amount of interference …

18:25 – Revivez le PSG – Real de 1993

Mine of the match, PSG – Real Madrid is in the process of leaving a Champions League class. Just as the two clubs are now facing more and more companies that are announcers, Parisians and Madrilen are just about to fall apart plus longtemps. In 1993, in the final matches of the match, Real won 3-1 in the first leg of the match, preventing Paris from realizing the final match …

18:08 – Bale, a renouveau with Real?

Le Gallois Gareth Bale has his first match in the Champions League in the Confederacy … et n'ait é pas gagné. Listed on the list of departures made by Zinedine Zidane, who does not have the cachaitas to perform, which is now finalized, has an acord with another club. As far as this relation is concerned, with very strong desires, with Real Madrid, the plutus is falling to Bale: for instant, its debut is quite satisfying with all but a couple of successive matches.

17:54 – Habib Beye voit le PSG vainqueur face au Real

Desire to franchise a saison cap, let PSG have a chance to win the European title in a premier match. Pour Habib Beye, a senior advisor and weather consultant for Canal +, all of Thomas Tuchel's juggernauts are perfectly capable of battling Real Madrid. "You are about to match PSG 2-1 face to face Real Madrid in a home match on the road to debut in the Liga. You will be in the match against the Argentine marker duo Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi. buters and two or more in the match ", at the same time for the Unibet Paris site.

17:44 – Youth League: Real Madrid bat le PSG

The Youth League, sort of the championships of the junior champions, propose the same affirmations as the C1 matches. Also, 19 months ago between PSG and Real Madrid in the mid-to-late mid-forties, the "grandstands" have 21 wins. Espérons who are all in port after the chance of a club in Paris to bring the minions of Paris to the face of the Madrilen (1-2).

17:32 – PSG – Real: Icardi et Kimpembe titulaires?

Comme l'Equipe L'Equipe, the probability of finding your PSG – Real Madrid Presnel Kimpembe and Mauro Icardi on augmented heirs. The quotation does not apply to the training session of the Paris club, however, as the champion of the French franchise is in contention with Thiago Silva's capitaine. Pour l'Argentin, by Thomas Tuchel is the quintessential fendu of an indie press conference. "Pour Icardi, what a difference, you have to combine the temps with the peer jouer.On this peut peer-to-peer essay of the fairy tale", a confused Paris coach.

17:17 – PSG – Real: Navas, a "feline"

Almost as if you were attending PSG recruited an international energy wardrobe, that's all. The Paris club have a look at all of Keylor Navas's fixtures, here with Real Madrid with a rematch of three Champions League games. Pour l'ancien gardien Sébastien Frey, quoted by L'Equipe, is an excellent nouvelle for Paris. "It is a gardaí rapide, très explosif and with its reflexes abnormal. (…) It is very quiet and agile. It arrives rapidly to release the trajectories", témoigne-t-il.

16:58 – PSG – Real: "After Neymar, Mbappé et Cavani remplacer"

In the match-against-the-pressure press conference, Thomas Tuchel is revised to the total absurdity of the usual athlete line and shorthand for prestige, the triple Mbappé, Neymar, Cavani. "On doit jouer with 11, after 8 joueurs. On doit trouver des solutions, on one plan. J'ai confiance to quit if a bon match. Neymar, Cavani ou Mbappé remapac. Mais on doit trouver et j'espère that the supporters don tout for nous pousser and create an atmosphere for that gagner ", a Paris coach explained.

16:49 – Neymar présent pour PSG – Real

An image of club proprietorship, Neymar head to the tribunes of the Parc des Princes for chances between PSG and Real Madrid. Brazil is about to retire from Paris with all the strands facing Strasbourg, a match that is about to be marked by a spectacular retreat.

16:40 – L'absence de Ramos, aubergine for PSG?

As evidenced by these, PSG – Real Madrid sera marked by absurd mark, in this one as the other. Sergio Ramos, captain of the madrilen club, won the party for absentee and for Aitor Karanka, the club's top contender for being "beaucoup manquer". And for that reason, like the rematch of L'Equipe, Real Madrid won over 40% of these Champions League matches since 2015 … losque Ramos n'est pas là.

16:19 – PSG – Real: quand Tuchel évoque Manchester

In the press conference of the match, Thomas Tuchel has been relegated to the question of the pressure on the club during major league matches of the champions … and donning the ball. "Plus the pressure? C'est possible? Non ici, it's not possible", a-t-il confié with a sourire. And in the convention tent that the team progressed through the report: "The ensemble, with no control whatsoever." The team went on to perform a number of performances. mais il ya eu cette rencontre face à Manchester United ".

16:07 – Kouassi, le petit nouveau du PSG

There are 19 retired Paris juniors for this face-to-face match in Real Madrid, one nominally for their anonymous legend. Tanguy Kouassi, defender of the 17th Century, watches the premiere of the Champions League final on a touchdown pass that has been relegated to the top, as well as everything improbable at least in a cascade of flashy matches.

16:01 – Outre PSG – Real, do you have any other match-ups?

As the match between PSG and Real Madrid constitutes the probability that they will have a great deal of experience, they will only have to qualify for the Champions League. There is a drop in the championship between Atlético Madrid and Juventus (21 points), as well as Manchester City's relocation, in favor of Shakhtar's Pelouse (21 points). Other matches: Olympiakos-Tottenham, Club Bruges-Galatasaray (19 heures), Bayern-Etoile Rouge, Zagreb-Atalanta, Leverkusen-Lokomotiv Moscow (21 heures).

15:11 – Zidane enters a message at the PSG

Designed by PSG, Keylor Navas has long evolved into Real Madrid coaches, reminiscent of three Champions League matches under Zinedine Zidane. The coach franchisees delivered a message of sympathy to his ancestors in press conference. "This is an admiration pool for you, for whatever you want for Real Madrid. You have a chance to get suite with your son", a confidential, fair-play.

15:01 – Icardi, did I get to Paris?

There are rumors that Mauro Icardi is going to lose face to face with Real Madrid, arguably not falling behind in the Champions League final, en tout cas pas cette saison. In an interview with Equanda, a Wanda Nara collaborator, the woman and the agent of the jury, agreed that Icardi had a chance to rest in Milan before finalizing the club with the Paris club as the last jour du mercato. , let 2 septembre dernier. "May be 2 september au matin, il ne voulait pas aller au PSG", explique ce anonyme contact. Et revéler de Mauro Icardi imagine the confession of the directors and supporters of milanais, with the following ethereal relationship rumored: "That is what you want to say: a joueur seized, on the rappel, on the marque, as in movie ".

14:49 – PSG – Real: "M. Champions" de retour

The press release does not measure up to the notary's mark that Zinedine Zidane has a great retirement face on PSG, in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. The French technician has an absolute legend as to Spain or France, a rematch of three C1 matches with the club of Madrid, from 2016 to 2018. L'occasion pour the journal As titled "M. Champions est retour".


This match PSG – Real Madrid débutera à 21 heures, ce 18 September 2019, au Parc des Princes. A notary who has two teams in the offseason for the first time since 2015. After a match in Paris, the team beat Ibrahimovic 3-1 in Madrid, ending the offseason .

Pour this nouvelle saison de Champions League, to diffuse the rest of the competition. Pour cette rencontre, c'est vers RMC Sport 1 qu'il faut vous diriger le mercredi soir. La chaine is available sur acces payant sur toutes les box.

The sites in Paris do not have to be published publicly for this review. IcÀicileile, PSG est PS PSé PS PSè PS PSGé favorGG PS PS PS PS PS PSG est PS PSG est PS est PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS PS. I order a Real Madrid rapper 28.5 euros for a price of 10 euros. Enfin, the match is zero at 3.50.

Coming to the resolution of the EFA, the officiating compositions by PSG and Real Madrid recorded a single surge and delayed the rally, leading to 21 wins on 18 September. Attending, counting the flashes and forces in presence, see the probable compositions of the two teams:

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