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PSG, best bet: keeper, Bernat part of Spanish league – Qualifications Euro 2020 – Football

QUALIFICATIONS EURO 2020 – Arriving at the top of one of the peaks plus one, Juan Bernat is the best player on the PSG. The latent spacer maintains a number of possibilities for installation by selection. Here's an ambitious objective: participant in the Euro 2020 with Roj.

Vidéo – Hoeness: "Bernat excludes Bernat insult"


Le Ligue des champions

The Champions League, the only Bernat field selected to respond to an angry son. Departure from Valence Espresso station finely by only promissory note hotels in Munich. It is the realization of unprocessed performance on the defensive plan. The top scorers in the series are Liverpool (2-1), Naples (1-1) and Manchester United, home to Défaite (1-3). In this computation considered to be a revelator with plus level, the Espagnol site is affirmed as one of the surges in Europe with sonar passage. Plus more decisive.

There is no point in waiting for the confirmation on this session. Rien is not expected to donate an exhibition on the peninsula of nature that runs from Real Madrid to the Parc des Princes. Bernat is reminiscent of the Champions League with a decisive pass for Angel Di Maria and another for Thomas Meunier. This boutique has a monumental impact on the correction inflated by Paris to Maison Blanche. A confirmation of a level in which the competition was reunited with the European Cups, face to face with the club plus. Et toute l'Espagne au puen en compte.

Thomas Meunier et Juan Bernat

Thomas Meunier et Juan BernatGetty Images

A concours of circonstances

Bernat is now on the radar of espagnole selection. These performances with the PSG are built through retrofitting the Rooster in March, quaternary and near the national team convocation. My current face is Malte (0-2) face to face with more blues than hair. Regularity plus a level of one that has been recompensed is Robert Moreno's inclusion in the list for October assembly and elimination matches for the Euro 2020 face to Norway and Sweden.

The PSG circuit breaker provides a useful circuit of a favorable circuit. The blessings of Jordi Alba and José Gaya on private selection are the highlight of these two premiere options. Compared to Paris Saint-Germain, Bernat rests for instant access to the Barça et de Valence jousts in Moreno et hierarchy. It is still in competition with Sergio Reguilon, the defender of Séville is expected by Real Madrid, for a statutory title.

Jordi Alba and Juan Bernat

Jordi Alba and Juan BernatGetty Images

"Complete the selection of selections"

Bernat is not the most dependent on the genre for the charter before the bushes. The same is true of the title and performer in a club remake of the Champions League, the Espagnol has not been revamped. Et savoure chaque chose comme elle vient. "You are only fitted to retire in the crew, a-t-il explored in an interview accordée au quotidien As. This is the premiere reconnaissance party that this fairytale party is going to have plus one grandmother joining in for a footballeur. Au moins dans mon cas."

More on the internet after lambing. Bernat had no caché la sienne. Jusqu'ici, in Jamaica, had the chance to dispatch a grand international tournament with Roja. In the form of a club, Paris has a number of career opportunities to connect with this Euro 2020 experience. "You donnerai beaucoup pour tea, a-t-il avoué. If you are interested in a level of performance with PSG. Tout passe par là. This is not the easiest way to integrate with Seleccion, but you have the ability to select the selections."Bernat a des raisons d'y croire. Not a queue parque qu'il en est là, as if persona or presque ne croyait en lui.

Juan Bernat scored an extra point for Liverpool's PSG face

Juan Bernat scored an extra point for Liverpool's PSG faceGetty Images

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