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Province of L'Ituri: six patients guéris d'Ebola

The chef of the village of Makoko 2, Shabani Fundi, is part of the patients' pool. The airway is contracted by the Ebola maladies by dropping the pete-filters. «All airline tickets are subject to Ebola. Mon petit-fils are decadent in the suite of this maladie. C'est en lavant son cadavre that you are contaminated without the savoir. Après trois jours, j'ai commencé à sentir les symptômes. It has been diagnosed with diarrhea and near medical examinations in the hospital, and it has been contaminated by Ebola », a-t-il explode, emblematic of joie d'être guerrilla. Promoting weather in the presence of this maladie, by exhaustion of communication at all treatment centers for this purpose. “What a joke you got me beaucoup enseigné. Quite fait que quand is the center of the village, there are people who do not care about the effectiveness of this maladie. You are the only commencer on the board and you are provided with voices … », a-t-il assuré.

The Ebola de Komanda treatment center, directed by Claude Banga Lonema, directs the malades of the Nyakunde, Komanda and Mambasa areas. This dernière area is located in the center of the area where the center is located near the landfill. All of these guides, a-t-explored, are all about a team, not medics and paramedics, psychosocial teams, nutritionists, hygienists and wardens. Claude Banga Lonema is a professional linguist who is quoted as having the honor.

The coordinator was initiated by the subcommittee of the Commander-in-Chief of the Command area, Dr Faustin Singo Ngozo, on one occasion, in response to the Ebola virus malicious malaria a atout pour tout le monde dans cette lutte. «What is going to happen next, as surveillance is not going to happen, and you will not be notified. The presence of guerrillas at the level of the CTE of the Command has provided epidemiological surveillance in response to the detection of temps and all of them by means of surveillance at the expense of sufficient time to detect such maladies », a-t-il affirmé. Fausto Singo Ngoso recommanded a mutagenic mutation between all the reappearing teams that had to be exterminated with the same virus for this epidemic that is endemic.

Aux six maladies, the co-ordinator intimated that there was a demand for awareness, awareness and respect. Notices that there were at least 8 petitions and an element of the Armed Forces of the democratic republic of the Congo.

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