Thursday , June 24 2021

Prince Albert II Monaco confides the twins Jacques and Gabriela

Unnatural to talk about his private life, on Prince Albert II talked about his daily life with his wife Charlin and his 4-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriela. In this interview published on November 17, two days before Monaco's National Day, the ruler, who celebrated his 60th birthday this year (March 14th), gave a photo of his father and husband.

⋙ National Monastic Day: The whole family gathered around Prince Albert and Charler, the children are too cute (PHOTO)

Prince Albert II told about the return of his children to school. Which apparently happened without incident. Jacques and Gabriela are enrolled in Montessori institutions, which provide pedagogy based on sensory education. "This return came with incredible ease, joy and good humor, he told our supporters Monaco-Matin. Although two days earlier they attended the school, their adaptation surprised me, Charlin and myself. Children are really happy."

⋙ Albert II of Monaco: twins Jacques and Gabriela throw candles with his father for his 60th birthday! (Pictures)

The Sovereign is still happy that his twins benefit from a different teaching that promotes oral and artistic expression. "They are always very happy, very playful, very playful. You will see them during the National Day"he said again during the interview. The promise took place. The appearance of two small blonde heads in front of their parents for the traditional photograph of the balcony also attracted the crowd.

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