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PMU The result of the GRAND PRIX DE MARSEILLE race

STARA and A. CRASTUS are needed in GRAND PRIX OF MARSEILLES to MARSEILLE-BORELY (R3C4) – Sunday, 11 November 2018

7 registered – Everything went well
Race time: 2 & # 39; 09 & # 39; & # 39; 80

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Details of course evolution

Comment on the race

The winner of this course on October 13, STAR VICTORY (photo) he used his deep ski skills to win the Grand Prix de Marseille, the fifteenth stage of the Galop Challenge.

SUN OF OCROBRE, title holder, ran the race. He galloped behind him LOVE TO SEE. MILK MAN and STARA. Favourite Potemkin he was in the middle of the package and Almorox he closed the march. In the end they were placed on the same line in the middle of a straight line and nothing was played. And this is a "swimmer" STARA whoever finished the best, certainly wins. OCTOBER OF THE SUN he was bold to the end and he took second place. LOVE TO SEE he also fought well, taking third place. Almorox he regained a lot of land outside, finishing fifth. Potemkin he finished fifth.

The next stage of Galop Challenge, 16, Saturday, November 17 in Casablanca, Grand Prix Sorec, race for 3 years and above on 2400 meters.

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